This is a new project to build masks in collaboration with an entrepreneur from another country of the European Union.

This country is a new one, the last to join the European Union so that today with are again 26, like we have been until 2013, thanks to them!

He already is producing socks, but is projecting to convert his new production facility in one ready to produce masks, with some healthy secrets inside.

The concept of the socks is in Split (the ancient Italian Dalmatian Spalato), the factory is north of Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia and the city where the Marshal of former Jugoslavjia was born! His name was also written on the hills, TITO!

The concept for the masks is in Italy, not so stable at the moment, but I should say three names: Senigalla and Jesi in the province of Ancona! Pisa in Tuscany can be important too!

So be ready to get news when the production and distribution will start.